The history of our company can be traced back to the 1980’s in the factory of ‘Jin’an Foundry’, located in Xian County, Hebei Province. Over the years,we have expanded from an ordinary manhole cover manufacturer to an expert in casting manhole, pans and machine parts. we set up a new manhole cover factory with partners in 2013,start by bring new auto production line,with...



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As a large professional foundry manufacturer, strength brand, quality assurance. Every day, our employees are making unremitting efforts to challenge more convenient and intelligent casting technology.

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    Multi-cultural life, let us from video, audio into the company's work and life.

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  • GIFA 2015

    Tianjin Zhengyu International Trade Co.,Ltd successfully participated in GIFA 2015, the most important trade fair for foundry technology in the world. On the 20th of June in 2015, GIFA ended successfully in Düsseldorf, Germany. Zhengyu was invited to the exhibition. And Zhengyu showcased the company's products, strengthened the existing cooperation, and developed a large number of potential customers, laying a solid foundation for market development.
      At this exhibition, Zhengyu exhibited the ductile iron manhole covers and some building materials, including scaffoldings, moulds, ring and cup locks, which drew much attention from the visitors by its wide range of products. Ductile iron has high strength, toughness, which makes ductile iron manhole covers lighter than covers of the same type made by gray cast iron manhole cover about 30%.
      During the 5 days (June 16-20) of exhibition, Zhengyu booth attracted numerous participants, and the staff always communicated with them with full enthusiasm and patience. The characteristics and advantages of the products are well-showed after the staff's speeches and demonstrations. The professional visitors and exhibitors at the Fair had a certain understanding of the products, and expressed great interest in the products exhibited by Zhengyu. Many customers conducted detailed consultations on site and expressed the willing to have an in-depth cooperation with Zhengyu.

  • CSFE 2017 - 2017 Chi...

      CSFE 2017 - 2017 China (Shanghai) International Foundry Expo was held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China during Nov 20-22, 2017. Domestic and overseas foundry manufacturers and giants of materials and equipment were invited to this international fair. Tianjin Zhengyu International Trade Co.,Ltd  was one of them.
      The products Zhengyu displayed at the fair were ductile iron manhole covers ,building materials, such as scaffoldings, ring and cup locks, couplers and moulds. Ductile iron manhole cover is one of the main products of Zhengyu, and it is sure that ductile iron manhole covers will play an important role in the daily construction.  
      In this exhibition, Zhengyu Company received 12 countries which were from the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, India, South Korea, etc. More than 600 merchants from more than 10 provinces visited the booth. And Zhengyu sent more than 450 promotional brochures. During the exhibition, Zhengyu reached preliminary cooperation with more than 10 companies, and established contacts with more than 50 representatives of enterprises, collecting more than 40 million yuan of project information and 13.5 million yuan on-site.
      Through this exhibition, we showcased the strength of Zhengyu, demonstrating the high level of business and good spirit of the company's personnel, and will also bring new opportunities for the future development of Zhengyu.